Easy Cold Therapy for the Hoof

A cleaner option which keeps the feet dry and also allows the horse to lie down during the treatment is the new MacKinnon Ice Horse Big Black Boot. A skid resistant plastic polymer, wide web, oversize bar shoe is molded to the bottom of a durable padded synthetic upper boot that opens with flaps in the back.

Inside the boot is heavy duty netting on the sides/ front and bottom that hold cooling packs. The packs remain pliable after freezing. The boot closes securely with hook and loop straps. The boots provide effective, but not excessive cooling for up to two hours. The boot works great for horses with sole bruises and sore feet as well.

The boots from MacKinnon are excellent, and we’ve not seen anything that makes cooling hooves simpler or more effective. In addition they’re durable. We would make them a tack room basic, not just for laminitis episodes, but for pain relief with sole bruising and sore feet.