Mackinnonice Horse


Application of cold therapy in the horse has been recommended in the treatment of acute tendon injuries, suspensory desmitis, and laminitis as well as other non-specific areas of swelling and inflammation.

Inflamed painful tendons and joints respond dramatically to cold therapy.


Easy Cold Therapy for the Hoof

A cleaner option which keeps the feet dry and also allows the horse to lie down during the treatment is the new MacKinnon Ice Horse Big Black Boot. A skid resistant plastic polymer, wide web, oversize bar shoe is molded to the bottom of a durable padded synthetic upper boot that opens with flaps in the back.



The ice horse system originated in human sports medicine programs and is now an affordable leg and muscle care option for equine enthusiasts. Provides intermittent and continuous icing.

Simple Convenient Effective.

Now you can regulate the degree of cold going to the treatment site.